Pinwheel Corp, founded in 2002, was created to be a world class atelier specializing in the work of modern sculpture and installation. Over the course of our history we have executed many remarkable works of modern art while also creating sculptural detailing projects. The in house design and fabrication abilities and the roster of professional collaborators that Pinwheel has amassed are uniquely suited for sculpture installation. Pinwheel has shepherded 18 large scale projects through all the phases from concept to public display.

Philip Stewart

A 4th generation Seattleite, comes from a long Northwest Maritime tradition. His grandfather assisted Cal Blanchard in surveying the Wawona in the early 50’s. In the 1990’s Mr. Stewart volunteered at Northwest Seaport helping in the making of a replacement boom for the Wawona. A lifelong sailor, he worked as shipwright prior to developing his art practice, through which he continues his marine dialogue. Working in the international art stage, Mr. Stewart is both artist and respected conservator. An expert in the structural format of tensegrity, he maintains ongoing consultancies with such museums as the Smithsonian Institution Hirschorn Museum, Washington DC and the Rijksmuseum Kroller Muller, Otterlo Netherlands. Mr. Stewart has been president of Pinwheel Corp for the past 14 years.



Chris Blanchard

A lifelong sailor, was born and raised surrounded by the Northeast Maritime traditions in Marblehead, Massachusetts. As a teen he carved half models for the local boat builders thus beginning his lifelong engagement with the craft of the sea. Mr. Blanchard was an exceptional maker and builder until a tragic accident 12 years ago confined him to a wheelchair. He now exercises his skills in the virtual realm by building computer models and racing radio controlled sailboats.